Pic of the day: Amjad

Amjad, 27, musician. Origin: Iraq

« When I was in Bagdad I was singing to earn a living. I was giving outdoor concerts, I was playing in night clubs. People even called me to sing in private receptions, marriages or birthday parties. But since the islamist militias tried to impose their law in the city, the situation got worse and worse. The first big problems started in 2006 already: attacks, assassinations, explosions, etc. But lately it became unbearable, although Bagdad really was a pleasant city to live in. Islamic terrorists want to ban music in Iraq. They are picking on musicians like me. First they started to prevent me from working, then they threatened me more aggressively. They finally blew up my car. It was becoming too dangerous. I had to leave in order to stay alive. »

Interview & photo : Albin Wantier

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