About us

“For a more open and inclusive society towards people in migration, the Citizen Platform – BELRefugees aims to mobilize and federate citizen and associative energies to transform societal representations and attitudes about people in migration and to contribute to offering a response to their needs that is fundamentally human and of quality by developing, if necessary, new solutions.”

Faced with the poor management of the reception in Belgium, the Citizen Platform for Refugee Support was born in September 2015 and defined itself then as a space for meeting and coordinating individual and collective initiatives concerned with migration issues.

Since then, the Citizen Platform has been providing, within its means, an unconditional welcome, a response to requests for information, training and assistance to exiles, migrants, asylum seekers, newcomers and undocumented migrants, in full respect of the individual and his or her choices. It works to integrate these people in their new environment.

The Citizen’s Platform encourages the respect of a migration policy in accordance with international conventions, and in the respect of everyone’s rights. It is convinced that only a sustainable and united solution, based on the respect of human rights and universal brotherhood, can be put in place to face the global crisis of reception that our time is going through.