Pic of the day: Asma

As every mother, Asma love her kids and wish the best for them. Don’t you?

Asma, 49 years old. Home country: Palestine

“How can I feel like a good mother if I can’t even guarantee my children’s security? Our lives have never been the same again since we lived through the bombardments. You go to bed feeling scared. In the morning you wake up, sick to your stomach with fear. The bombs came closer, our children’s school was destroyed and so was our home. My husband and I brought our children to Belgium for one simple reason: we want them to grow up in a secure environment, to go to school without fear and have the same opportunities as other children.”

PS: It is difficult to interview and take pictures of the women in Parc Maximilien. A majority seems to be profoundly traumatized from their journeys and they are extremely wary when we approach them. Asma accepted to talk to us under the condition not to show her face.

Interview & photo : Albin Wantier

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