Pic of the day : Amer

Amer Mohesin, 37, carpenter. Origin: Bagdad (Iraq)

« Initially, I am a trained carpenter, but I was recruited to work for the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior. I was in charge of trainings for new employees. For the last two years, the militias have been trying to take over Bagdad and they are progressively taking control of the city. The situation has become so bad that even as representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, we find ourselves confronted with terrorist militias that have more power than us! To them, we are targets to eliminate because we are representing the official government. They are threatening us, pushing us to leave the job. I tried to resist, but when threats go too far, the first thing we consider is to protect ourselves and to move our family to safety. One evening, when going back home after work I found the facade of our house riddled with bullets. I also received very clear threats: they said that they would hurt my wife and children. I have two daughters, 6 and 11 years old. I asked for police protection but even the police refuse to receive our complaints because they fear retaliation by the terrorist militias. I won’t tell you where my wife and daughters are, but I can tell you that they are safe where they are, elsewhere in Iraq. For my part, I am expecting to get papers to be able to find a job rapidly here. I still don’t know if my future is here or there. It is too early to say. »

Interview and photo: Albin Wantier

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